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Rules & Regulations
1. Morning Time: 9.30 am – 1.00pm with a break of 15 minutes
 Afternoon Time :1.40 pm – 4.00 pm with a break of 10 minutes
2.  Students should be present in the classroom at the stroke of the first bell at
9.30 a.m
3. The first hour will start with a prayer for the whole college at 9.45 am.
4.  Avoid coming late to the classes. The late comers should report to the
Principal. They should get his / her signature in a late slip and show it to the
teachers for admission into the classroom.

Displinary Norms:
The following are strictly forbidden. Any violation of these rules will result in dismissal/suspension from the college:

1.  Ragging of any kind and any magnitude inside /outside the college campus    will lead to dismissal.

2.  Possession/use of camera cellular phones within the campus is strictly forbidden. Use of cellular phones inside the buildings/corridors will result in confiscation and no-return of the mobile phones.

3.  Any kind of disturbing behavior in the campus is forbidden.

4.  Smoking, use of drugs, alcohol or peddling drugs in the campus is prohibited.

5.  Any Ill-treatment, both physical and verbal, based on gender, caste and religion will lead to dismissal.

6.  Causing damage to the college/public property by scribbling on walls, graffiti writing, scratching walls / toilets, breaking furniture, lab equipment, damaging fittings and pipes etc. will lead to dismissal.

7.  Any kind of misconduct/misbehavior inside/outside the campus in public places, buses, trains, etc.) or detection of foot-board travel, blocking the traffic, unruly behaviour in buses/trains or any kind of annoyance to the public will also result in the immediate withdrawal/permanent cancellation of all student travel concessions and the scholarships.